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  • Elementary Programs for Grades K 1 - 6

  • MBA Courses

  • Professional Courses & Degrees

  • Resume Building Tips

  • Educational Games

  • Online Language Tutorials

  • Music, Art, Gardening & Cooking Tutorials

On installing this extension, here’s what you can expect:

Learn At Your Own Pace

Elementary & High School Resources

Elementary School Resources

Find online programs for students in grades K 1-6 that align with state and national standards. Also, enjoy access to interactive games & videos.

Elementary & High School Resources

Online College Courses

It is important to identify the right program to reach your personal & professional goals. Choose from a wide range of online courses offered by top-ranked universities and colleges.

Advance Your Career

Job Success Strategies

Discover resume building and cover letter writing tips that will help get you hired.

Develop communication skills and other essential strategies to succeed in the workplace.

Degree & Certificate Programs

Find online courses to enhance your qualifications at every stage of your career.

Access educational programs covering a wide range of subjects from reputed universities.

Develop new skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Gardening

  • Cooking

Access step-by-step art tutorials for all skill levels. Learn how to play a musical instrument or master new art techniques. Acquaint yourself with the basics of growing and maintaining a garden. Discover hundreds of recipes and improve your culinary skills.

  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language could not only put you ahead in your career, but also make you smarter and keep your brain healthier in old age. Now, access free online tutorials and learn Spanish, Swedish, English or sign language.

Highlights of Web Scholar:

  • Flexible scheduling & personalized study plans

  • Engaging teachers with proven expertise

  • Lessons designed exclusively for online instruction

  • Advanced virtual school technology for fun, meaningful learning

  • Ideal for students & working professionals

  • Quick install, easy to use & FREE!

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